Monday Relaxer

I’m not sure many things top a Monday off. The feeling on Sunday night when there’s nothing to do to prepare for work the next day is just unparalleled by most things. Despite this weekends extra day, Monday’s are still tough and unfortunately, this week will probably drag on even though there was an extra day of rest.

Take some time to check out these interesting posts/articles/pictures from around the internet and relax your mind or initiate some thinking a few hours before bed.

I’ve always wished I was a good drawer, but alas, a reason why.

How to Learn Something New

Jordan’s post on productivity gives a lot of good ideas and resources!

I started Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages this week. Life.changing.

This vegan cookie dough ice cream looks so good (and simple)!

Someone sent me some videos this weekend and I’ve been using them for relaxation. Check out this Youtube channel.

The only word I have for this is yes.