Welcome to my site! I’m Alex–a 20-something *almost* teacher, Crossfitter/weight lifter, food enthusiast along with a few other titles I could potentially give myself.


elementary: adjective: 
1. basic and simple : involving the simplest parts of a subject
2. of or relating to elementary school

easel: noun
1. a frame for supporting an artist’s painting

Elementary Easel means a multitude of things here in this little space.
This blog will deal with my first year as an elementary school teacher not only in Connecticut, but in general. I will be “painting” my way through this first year–learning and growing each day until a masterpiece of successful students make their way out of my classroom next June.

As well, this is a space to talk about my general life, food, nutrition or exercise among other things. I’m certainly not an expert on any topic and I’m constantly learning, researching and trying to grow. These are simply things I enjoy doing and talking about: sharing knowledge about. My mind and body is the canvas which sits upon the easel–waiting to be filled in and is definitely never completed.


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