My First Few Weeks

My first few weeks of teaching have been good, great, okay, bad, tough, happy, sad, ugly. I’ve been riding a giant roller coaster of some good/some bad, some great/some awful.

I’ve got students telling parents they have no chair in my class. “Why yes, I do make him stand, he is absolutely correct!” is instead, “his┬áname tag came off his desk but I assure you, he does physically have a chair to sit in.”

I’ve got ones that tell parents they have no homework..“Yes, they have homework every night..yes, I do tell them to write the homework down.”

Then I have the students I have to respond to:

“Please don’t make your mother┬ájokes in class”

“No, I am not 21.”

“Yes, I did have to graduate from college to be a teacher.”

“A gold dollar is worth a dollar.”

and my favorite comment and reply?

“Please stop calling me Mrs…I am not married.”