Favorite Products Roundup: Food Edition

I’m a try-everything kind of person. I get excited about limited edition, don’t always stay true to one product/brand and enjoy having lots of choices. That said, I’ve tried a lot of things. These are some of my current favorites and tried and trues that i’ll stick by.

Protein Powder: I’m starting here because this is one I always have difficulty with. I seem to have trouble with most dairy so after trying many different powders (whey, isolates, hydrozlyed, rice, pea, vegan..), I was using vegan for a few months. It got really unpalatable after a while and I couldn’t drink it as a shake–it had to be mixed with a bunch of other things and eaten like a thick pudding. I decided to give whey another try and have fallen in love with PEScience. Number 1, no bloat and no other tummy issues. Number 2, it’s DELICIOUS. I went with Snickerdoodle and can’t wait to try all the other flavors (2nd Runner Up: Cellucor is tasty.//Don’t Like: Pea Protein and Dymatize)

Nut Butters: I am a nut butta lova and enthusiast. I want to try them all. Most delicious award goes to You Fresh Naturals. I have tried almost all of their flavors and every single one is spoon-out-of-the-jar addicting (2nd Runner Up: ..can’t pick one.)

Coconut Flour: Coconut flour is really difficult to bake with and in my experience, every brand works differently in recipes. My go-to is Trader Joes. Not only is it cheap (only like, $3 a bag) but it absorbs moisture really well and bakes up nicely (2nd Runner Up: Nutiva//Don’t Like: Coconut Secret)

Stevia: I’ve tried many stevia brands in attempt to have some sweetness without that bitter aftertaste. Stevia in the Raw is now my go-to. It’s a little more money than some of the other brands but it’s worth it. (2nd Runner up: Pure Via//Don’t Like: Monk Fruit in the Raw)

Oat Bran: Oat bran is weird. If you’ve ever compared boxes you’ll see serving sizes ranging from 3 tablespoons to half a cup. I’m a volume person so I always look for a bigger serving size but what’s most important with oat bran is the way it absorbs liquid. I find Trader Joes to have the best oat bran: it’s fluffy, cooks quickly and tastes delicious. (2nd Runner Up: ShopRite Brand)

Greek Yogurt: Fage. All the way. Creamy and delicious. I generally only buy non-fat plain greek yogurt but Fage wins with flavors too. (2nd Runner Up: Chobani//Don’t Like: Trader Joes)

Things I’ve Tried Lately/Buy Often:

Elli Quark–I have mixed feelings on this. The peach flavor was good but the others leave a funny aftertaste for me.

Seaweed Snacks (Trader Joes): I buy 10 of these at a time. A great snack/salad topper. Love them.

Sunbutter: I love love love Sunbutter. It’s sweet, creamy and drippy. A nut seed butter dream.

Scivation BCAAs in Blue Raspberry: Best BCAA’s I’ve had. I make summer slushies with it all the time.

Gelatin: I love adding gelatin to things. I’ve had Great Lakes which is really good and lately I’ve been using Bernard Jensen because I can get it at Vitamin Shoppe.

Bars: Quest Bars. Detour Simple Bars. Rx Bars. Everything else–not worth it.


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