Link Love

Happy Sunday everyone!


I saw a picture similar to this one the other day and laughed for a good minute. I’m actually a big fan of Sunday’s and Monday’s. They’re a fresh start to the week which is generally a pretty good feeling.

Some Sunday Link love for you! (weekly linkup hosted by Amanda at Running with Spoons! Thank you Amanda!)


My family just got a little trailer and I’m apprehensive about going camping. Staying at one of these places might not be so bad though.

Powerful thoughts on life outside of food and fitness.

Interesting post about resistant starch in bananas.

I’m a planner snob. I will spend $50 on the RIGHT planner. I’ve been wanting a Whitney English Day Designer for years and found out last week they partnered with Blue Sky at Target. If I could have all of them I would but after about 20 minutes of debate, I finally settled on this one! 

I’ll take a whole batch of these cupcakes.


One thought on “Link Love

  1. lifewithniki says:

    Hey Alex, thank you for including my post in your links!
    I also find myself excited to begin a new week on Sun/Mon!
    Huge planner snob myself, even though I usually can’t get myself to spend a lot of money on them. I am obsessed with making lists and staying organized, and planne shopping is one of my favorite things to do ;).


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