Thinking Out Loud Thursday: 1

Two posts in one day? Y’all must think I am nuts. Not crazy–just happy that I have time to participate in Thinking Out Loud Thursday today with Amanda over at Running with Spoons!  Thinking-Out-Loud2

Why do I have this time? Well,

1. IMG_7419We got a surprise this afternoon! We arrived to our session and were told to pull up a document which let us know that the buses were outside waiting for us. Never have I seen such school spirit and excitement 🙂

IMG_7418-1Back at the dorm there were some sweet treats (including this mango ice!), puppies, music, a raffle. Of course, we haven’t had any free time in so long, no one really knows what to do!

2. I’m starting to truly feel like a teacher. I’m getting a better grasp on what I’m doing, enjoy making lessons and letting them unfold and don’t feel nervous when I step into the classroom.


3. IMG_7355How cute is this reusable cup I got at Starbucks? I loved it, and then I accidentally threw it out in a public trashcan (and realized about a day later) before I ever even got to use it. Luckily it was $2. Unfortunately, there’s no Starbucks near me right now.

4. I’ve been trying to listen to some motivational podcasts every morning on the school bus to get me thinking for the day. So far, it’s been a nice change to scrolling through Facebook and Instagram for 30 minutes.FullSizeRender-1This was a quote from the one I listened to this morning and I had to write it down. Super inspiring.

5. I’ve eaten half a jar of almond butter in 4 days. Send help. You Fresh Naturals is killing me.

6. I miss my blender. The volumous protein ice cream I am used to eating is so much more satisfying than protein pudding. It’s also cold. I miss cold.

7. Shameless plug. Did you know I post HIIT workouts a few times a week? Check ’em out if you’re looking for something to add to your workout routine!

That’s all I have for today. Have a wonderful afternoon!


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