A Look at My Life 

I haven’t had time to look at many links this week so instead, take a look into my life! 
Been extra into quotes lately. Snapped this the day before I began teaching.    
#teacherjokes but really, how funny are these answers? 

 Another inspirational quote that kept me going this week  
Ended the week at a philly classic: pat’s. Are you a pats or Genos fan? 

  Best.sandwich.ever. So delicious. I almost don’t even want to try Genos because I feel like I am devoted to Pats now.   
Took a few days off from the gym this week to get some much needed rest but was happy to return on Thursday. Saturday I went home and got to lift back at my gym. Added 10 more pounds to this and hit a front squat personal record of 175#. 

  American dreams are made of cream! 4th of July ice cream. Campfire-vanilla with graham crackers, fudge swirl and marshmallows and Elvis-chocolate chunks, Banana and peanut butter swirl.   
After all that ice cream, I needed something nourishing. Warm, cooked veggies was the perfect meal. 



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