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Happy Sunday everyone!


I saw a picture similar to this one the other day and laughed for a good minute. I’m actually a big fan of Sunday’s and Monday’s. They’re a fresh start to the week which is generally a pretty good feeling.

Some Sunday Link love for you! (weekly linkup hosted by Amanda at Running with Spoons! Thank you Amanda!)


My family just got a little trailer and I’m apprehensive about going camping. Staying at one of these places might not be so bad though.

Powerful thoughts on life outside of food and fitness.

Interesting post about resistant starch in bananas.

I’m a planner snob. I will spend $50 on the RIGHT planner. I’ve been wanting a Whitney English Day Designer for years and found out last week they partnered with Blue Sky at Target. If I could have all of them I would but after about 20 minutes of debate, I finally settled on this one! 

I’ll take a whole batch of these cupcakes.


A Word on Body Confidence

This morning I read a blog post about body shaming, not only towards other people but towards yourself. So many of us believe that we don’t body shame—who cares what other people weigh, what size pants they pull up over their thighs, what they eat for dinner. But, when it comes to ourselves, everything is wrong. There’s 5 pounds that weren’t there yesterday, the belt loop isn’t in the same spot it was and tomorrow, more vegetables and less bread. Why is it okay for us to be comfortable with other peoples bodies but not our own?

When I weighed 230 pounds, I worried what people thought. I knew they were watching the food enter my mouth, I knew they were watching me walk to the plus size section of the store and I knew they were whispering behind my back about how big I was.

If I lost weight, this would all go away. No one would worry about me—they’d worry about the next biggest person. I could eat what I wanted without thinking twice, I could shop in the normal sized section and try on clothes with friends.

At 145 pounds, I’ve realized how untrue this is. I went from believing (because no one actually ever said anything) that people were body shaming me to continuing to worry that they might or that they still are. Now, it’s “will people notice that the scale says I’m a few pounds heavier?” what if they comment on the amount of food I eat? If I don’t go to the gym and my body changes, people will notice.

If anything, I have become more fearful and more shaming of my own body than I did when I was overweight. When I was heavier, it was just the way it was. Was my body ugly? Yea, I thought so. Were my clothes ill-fitting? Yea, I thought so. Did it matter? Eh. Not really. Did it matter what I ate? Nah. I was fat anyway.

But now? Every new mark, every minute difference that occurs naturally depending on the day, I fear that people will notice and think about. If I eat something that I don’t normally have or fuel myself for my heavy weightlifting, I worry what people will think.

It’s a work in progress but the most important part is that we only have one body. It changes: it grows, it shrinks, it gets new marks and bumps. This body though, is the only one we have. It fuels us, it allows us to get up every morning and move. It gives us the knowledge we need to get through everyday. It’s not only the one we have, it’s the only one we will EVER have. It’s ours. It’s special, unique and custom tailored. There will never be an outfit that’s as customized to you as your own skin is—no matter how you think it looks to other people.

Of course, the easiest part is saying the facts. The hardest part is putting it all into motion.

Over the last few weeks while I have been away, my own body shaming has improved. I don’t need to workout 7+ times a week. My body will feel better with maybe 4 or 5. Maybe I want to get ice cream after dinner; someone will get some with me. I don’t need to eat 1500 calories and count every single gram to maintain my weight.

Praise your body–find one thing you like about it. Not one time, but every day. If you want to lose weight, gain weight, maintain your weight, do so because YOU want to. Not because you think others want that for you. Whether you want to eat pizza or carrots, make that choice. Be proud, be confident, because you are you and you get one physical expression of your cells, and a million of your brain.

Sunday Link Love

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week! My summer institute work is coming to a close and has gotten a tad busier. Things should settle down soon and my goal is to post more but also actual written material.

For now though, some link love.

Have you ever asked yourself why you feel worse when you eat better?

These no-bake s’mores protein bars look pretty darn good.

So does this cookie dough fudge (that’s paleo, gluten free, etc.)

Having trouble squatting? It might be your ankles. Learn about ankle mobility.

21 faces people who are constantly tired will recognize. yup.

gimme all these perfect ice cream spoons ❤ ❤

In addition, some week in review photos:


Thinking Out Loud Thursday: 1

Two posts in one day? Y’all must think I am nuts. Not crazy–just happy that I have time to participate in Thinking Out Loud Thursday today with Amanda over at Running with Spoons!  Thinking-Out-Loud2

Why do I have this time? Well,

1. IMG_7419We got a surprise this afternoon! We arrived to our session and were told to pull up a document which let us know that the buses were outside waiting for us. Never have I seen such school spirit and excitement 🙂

IMG_7418-1Back at the dorm there were some sweet treats (including this mango ice!), puppies, music, a raffle. Of course, we haven’t had any free time in so long, no one really knows what to do!

2. I’m starting to truly feel like a teacher. I’m getting a better grasp on what I’m doing, enjoy making lessons and letting them unfold and don’t feel nervous when I step into the classroom.


3. IMG_7355How cute is this reusable cup I got at Starbucks? I loved it, and then I accidentally threw it out in a public trashcan (and realized about a day later) before I ever even got to use it. Luckily it was $2. Unfortunately, there’s no Starbucks near me right now.

4. I’ve been trying to listen to some motivational podcasts every morning on the school bus to get me thinking for the day. So far, it’s been a nice change to scrolling through Facebook and Instagram for 30 minutes.FullSizeRender-1This was a quote from the one I listened to this morning and I had to write it down. Super inspiring.

5. I’ve eaten half a jar of almond butter in 4 days. Send help. You Fresh Naturals is killing me.

6. I miss my blender. The volumous protein ice cream I am used to eating is so much more satisfying than protein pudding. It’s also cold. I miss cold.

7. Shameless plug. Did you know I post HIIT workouts a few times a week? Check ’em out if you’re looking for something to add to your workout routine!

That’s all I have for today. Have a wonderful afternoon!

Summer Sweat: 15

I know I’m late on this today. Sorry about that. I happen to have the afternoon off today! A very sweet surprise after a long couple of weeks.

Classic interval workout today:

45 seconds of work/30 seconds rest: 5 rounds

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Diamond push-ups (fingers in a diamond position. you should feel this in your triceps)
3. Jumping Lunges
4. Plank-to-hands (Start in plank position on your arms. Go from forearm to hand and back down)
5. Wide jump squats (frog jumps)
6. Shoulder taps (Plank position on your hands. Tap shoulder with opposite hand and repeat with other side)

Summer Sweat: Day 14

Hey Sweat Team!

It’s starting to heat up outside all of a sudden (or at least it is here)! The other morning I went out for a run and it was already quite warm at 7am.

If you’re planning on taking this outside, or any workout for that matter, make sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate after sweating and be careful–heat stroke is serious and can be very dangerous.

For 5 rounds:
20 backwards lunges (10 each leg)
10 frog hops
10 pushups
20 mountain climbers

A Look at My Life 

I haven’t had time to look at many links this week so instead, take a look into my life! 
Been extra into quotes lately. Snapped this the day before I began teaching.    
#teacherjokes but really, how funny are these answers? 

 Another inspirational quote that kept me going this week  
Ended the week at a philly classic: pat’s. Are you a pats or Genos fan? 

  Best.sandwich.ever. So delicious. I almost don’t even want to try Genos because I feel like I am devoted to Pats now.   
Took a few days off from the gym this week to get some much needed rest but was happy to return on Thursday. Saturday I went home and got to lift back at my gym. Added 10 more pounds to this and hit a front squat personal record of 175#. 

  American dreams are made of cream! 4th of July ice cream. Campfire-vanilla with graham crackers, fudge swirl and marshmallows and Elvis-chocolate chunks, Banana and peanut butter swirl.   
After all that ice cream, I needed something nourishing. Warm, cooked veggies was the perfect meal. 


Summer Sweat: 13

For today’s sweat, you’re going to move a little differently.

There’s one piece of equipment you need for this and that’s a kettle bell. Pick a weight that’s moderately heavy, not easy. You want to be fatigued after the first set. You might even need to break it up.


*50 kettle bell swings
Rest 1 minute
*40 kettle bell swings
Rest 1 minute
*30 kettle bell swings
Rest 30 seconds
*20 kettle bell swings
Rest 30 seconds
*10 kettle bell swings
Rest 30 seconds
*10 swings
Rest 30 seconds
*20 swings
Rest 30
*30 swings
Rest 1 minute
*40 swings
Rest 1 minute
*50 swings

Summer Sweat: 12

Today is tabata calisthenics! Woo hoo!

20 seconds on/10 seconds off, 8 times through. Rest 1 minute and repeat. Perform 4 tabatas total.

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Jump Squats
3. Pushups
4. Skaters
5. Tricep dips on bench/chair
6. In-place jumprope
7. Boxing in place
8. Standing ab twists (Lift left leg/twist and touch with right elbow and switch sides)