Friday Link Fun

My favorite part about getting on the computer on Friday is seeing all of the link love posts on the blogs I follow. I seriously enjoy finding new things to peruse, buy and create. The internet is such a vast land that’s impossible to explore completely on your own.

My favorite links this week:

I’ve been DILIGENT about being consistent with meditation, journaling and other good mind practices. I found this website yesterday and it has a ton of good information about mindfulness, practice, etc.

Coconut flour is my absolute favorite. Sometimes, I actually make it my dessert–mixed with a little gelatin, a few chocolate chips and some coconut milk. This porridge looks absolutely delicious and is a must make recipe on my list.

Calluses on your hands? Yes, me too. Learn to take care of them properly.

Do you reach for coffee or water first in the a.m.? Start with warm lemon water! 

Want defined abs? Start here.

I’m an introvert. This whole site is accurate.


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