Summer Sweat: Day 2

I used to despise kettle bells. I know that sounds like such a silly thing to say but I really didn’t understand all the hype. After a few years of experimenting with my health and fitness routines, I can confidently say that I now love the kettle bell. First of all, it’s versatile. You can do practically ANYTHING with it. Second, you get some incredible bang for your buck. It works your arms, your core, your legs, back, shoulders with just a normal swing. Crazy.

One of my favorite HIIT cardio workouts to do is a kettle bell pyramid of sorts. This one will get your heart pumping in no time.


1 kettle bell of a moderate weight for you

Some space  and maybe a yoga mat

How to do this HIIT routine:

After warming up to workout:

10 kettle bell swings/1 burpee*
9 kettle bell swings/2 burpees
8 kettle bell swings/3 burpees
7 kettle bell swings/4 burpees
6 kettle bell swings/5 burpees
5 kettle bell swings/6 burpees
4 kettle bell swings/7 burpees
3 kettle bell swings/8 burpees
2 kettle bell swings/9 burpees
1 kettle bell swing/10 burpees

Depending on your fitness level and your goals, repeat another time through.

*How to perform a burpee: Get into a plank position, lower yourself down and back up for a pushup, spring your legs in towards your chest and jump up.

Let me know if you try this one 🙂


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