Summer Sweat

It’s hard to believe that the year is already almost halfway over. Time really does fly. 

If you feel anything like me, summer goes faster than anything and it sometimes seems impossible to get things done. 

A lot of people tell me they hate going to the gym in the summer because it means spending a nice day inside. Fitness shouldn’t be a hardship-it should be something you look forward to. Also, there’s no rule that says you have to be indoors. 

Starting today, I’m going to share some workouts you can do anywhere during the summer (including the gym if that’s your thing). They’re meant to be high intensity or interval/sprint work so you spend less time working out and more time working on your tan. 

1 minute of work/1 minute working rest

Squat jumps/jog in place 

Skaters/jump rope

Pushups/jog in place 

Jumping lunges/box in place (left, right, left, right..) 

Mountain climbers/jog in place 

Repeat 3 times 

*note: I am not a personal trainer. I make up these workouts based on things I enjoy and things I have tried. Please consult your doctor before engaging in any intense exercise* 


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